Why Save a Life International?



To guide SLISS in its task of achieving the mission, the following principles have been adopted. SLI-SS will:

Be national, independent, multicultural and non-party political

Use the best available scientific information to address issues and critically evaluate all its endeavors

Seek dialogue and avoid unnecessary confrontation at program and institutional level.

Build concrete Social development solutions through a combination of promoting green technology, capacity building and skills transfer

Run its operations in a cost-effective manner and apply donors’ funds according to the highest standards of accountability.

Involve local communities and indigenous peoples in the planning and execution of its social development and Rights programs, respecting their cultural as well as economic needs

Strive to build partnerships with other organizations, governments, business and local communities to enhance SLI-SS’s effectiveness

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.











  • Accountably, Integrity and Transparency

SLI-SS maintains high levels of integrity in management of its project capital, human and financial resources. The organisation receives financial resources in the form of grants from development agencies locally and internationally. We maintain international standards of grant management and compliance to individual donor reporting and accounting policies.

SLI-SS has a rigorous process of project identification which allows us to only engage in honorable and noble initiatives for public benefit. The organization maintains an ethical, honest and transparent operations of its affairs both at the secretariat level and at the field office levels. We have a Code of Ethics that governs the behavior of all our trustees and officers and which must be accented to prior to engagement with our organization.

  • Empowerment

The organization initiatives are always geared to finding long lasting solutions at the local level to arrest gender violence, diseases, threats to children safety and security and alleviate poverty. Each of our programs includes a poverty eradication component that creates direct employment opportunities and Income generating activities to the target group. In doing so, we employ affirmative action for marginalized groups including the youth and women who normally have no access or control of family property and enjoy little access to financial capital and education opportunities.

Our Children protection and Gender based Violence projects are designed to train the target area state, non-state and community members on how to locally identify cases of child abuse, gender violence or poor hygiene etc. This training and awareness creations ensures that local ‘people and administrative institutions capacities are developed along the lines of globally acceptable standards hence empowerment.

The projects also directly employ social workers and field extension officers to further the reach of the project objectives. Further, we organize resource persons to conduct 2-3 day seminars to train the local Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) on organizational management, financial management, business, marketing and sales etc.


  • Excellence

In all SLI-SS child and women protection projects, we maintain high standards of excellence through benchmarking ourselves with similar projects globally so as to measure our impacts and shared experiences. To ensure excellence in our secretariat and field stations, we recruit project coordinators and project staff with requisite academic qualifications and work experience as needed for the vacant posts. In addition, we regularly undertake in-service training of staff to include courses in Social justice, financial management, grant management, project management and fundraising and other relevant courses.


  • Community

To fulfill its mandate, the Organization works in collaboration with other like-minded non-governmental organizations, local and national government actors as well as development actors. The organization aims not to duplicate efforts of its predecessors but to compliment any similar projects undertaken in its target areas and core program goals.

SLI-SS works with all sides of the Legislators, Judiciary, legal sector, and the society who have a role in achievement of women and children rights, as well as scholars to provide solutions and efficient research. It endeavors to support vulnerable people, women, youth, children, IDPS, disabled, and elderly people. The organization also forms collaborative synergies with the wider NGOs community through complimenting each other’s work and borrowing lessons learnt. This is achieved by undertaking stakeholder analysis prior to starting of any project and further engaging the existing NGOs, CBOs, CSOs in the target area in project implementation.  The types of Organizations that we partner with in most of our projects include;

  • Conservation Organizations
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Local and central Government actors
  • Development donor Agencies
  • Local level CBOs
  • National level Water authorities
  • National Level Health authorities
  • Local Business associations
  • Learning Institutions
  • Local Artisan Organizations
  • Militarized groups/ rebels/ militias etc
  • Youth Groups
  • Women Self Help Groups among others


  • Good Stewardship

The organization has a strong leadership that is led by a board of 6 trustees who make the strategic decisions for the organization. The board of trustees are selected individuals of high integrity in their respective professional fields.

  • Diversity

The SLI-SS believes that society in general benefits from the contributions of people with diverse personal characteristics (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, age, geographic location, sexual orientation, gender and type of disability).