Our Focus Areas

TThe organization is voluntarily working to give advice to the vulnerable people and women in the rural areas. It labors to create gender and children rights awareness in all regions of South Sudan. The organization receives its funding from Development agencies for project specific action. It is actively pursuing potential partnerships and donors, the organization foresees a sustainable quality of life that protects and improves the health, access to rights, and sources of revenue for the people.

It works with local communities and local authorities in a transparent way to collaborate while engaging them in all project periods from inception to evaluation. As the organization shares information, it promotes an enabled environment for the beneficiaries to realize their basic rights and access basic health and sanitation. The organization arms itself with a mission and passion for augmenting and strengthening rural livelihoods through protection of children and women rights and all-inclusive approaches for a better future.

The organization has several key areas of operation that are meant to fulfill its mandate within Boma, South Sudan.

The principal areas of work include:-

Protection/Human rights/child protection

Children rights legislation implementation capacities development

Gender Based Violence Prevention, management and prosecution

Health Services access through Mobile clinics in rural South Sudan

Access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Demilitarization of children soldiers

Institutional capacity building in implementation of Children Act

Training of Health providers in provision of SHRR services to women and youth

Advocacy for policy change and legislation

Legislation research and drafting

Judiciary and Office of the prosecutor training in GBV, Child rights etc

Community awareness creation on Children Rights, GBV, SHRR,

Training, workshops, knowledge transfer

Research and analysis

Capacity Building

Figuration of policies on rights, security and social harmony

Poverty Eradication and Income Generating Activities

Hunger Eradication

Vocational Skills Trainings and Creation of Employment Opportunities