About Us


Save a Life International South Sudan (SLI-SS0 is a non-profitable, non-governmental, voluntary organization founded and registered in South Sudan on 6th February 2019. The organization was founded by a group of well-wishers, Medics, and scholars who were touched by the situation of Health services access, gender based violence, children rights abuse and poor access to water, sanitation and hygiene, in Boma State and South Sudan in general. The organization is eagerly working to empower the people and provide community awareness on women and children rights, enhance access to health services, water and sanitation. SLI-SS is committed to grass-root level education and advancement. The organization is seeking to help reverse these detrimental conditions.

The organization is seeking to provide a resourceful charity model to promote full implementation of laws on Child protection, enactment of laws on gender based violence, prevention of GBV, capacity building to improve livelihoods as a mitigate action to reduce domestic violence to women and children. The organization also works towards Social development and improvement of access to Sexual Health and Reproductive rights of women and youth. We work to agitate for social change and outlook towards Gender violence and children protection so as to create a movement against the vices, prevent their occurrence and enhance medical and social management of cases.

It focuses on minimum standards common to all sectors. The programs cover Children protection, Gender based violence, Intimate partner violence, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Immunization and health services. It works with all sides of the development partners including state actors, local administration, local and international NGOs, Schools, hospitals, Office of the prosecutor, ministry of Justice, the Police Service among others.  It endeavors to support vulnerable people, women, youth, children, displaced, disabled, and elderly people. The organization serves Pibor, Vereteth, Likuangole, Gurumuk areas of  Boma State. SLI-SS is managed by independent non-partisan professionals who have practical and technical experience on various fields of Medicine, Social development, Project management, Law and capacity building and social investment.

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As professionals on Health, Children Protection, Social investment and sustainable development, the founders of SLI-SS felt an urgent need to use health and family social and livelihood interventions among local communities in South Sudan including IDPs and integrated communities. The founders’ knowledge of Child rights, gender mainstreaming, GBV, WASH and Health services and their connection to grass root communities inspired them to form an organization that would. “act as a bridge that would mobilize financial resources and expertise needed to initiate these projects at a local level in Boma State, South Sudan”. This was the philosophy behind the establishment of Save a Life International South Sudan (SLI-SS).


To stop the socially injurious practices including child abduction, militarization, abuse and neglect; increase access to health  and WASH services; prevent GBV and to build a future in which communities live in harmony with and benefit from social investments through:-


A South Sudan where local communities benefit from improved peaceful domestic co-existence; enhanced productivity through access to better health services; reversal of socially injurious practices like GBV, Child abuse and adoption of hygienic practices through access to water and sanitation.


The philosophy of the organization is protected women and children in a conflict region, enhanced access to water and sanitation and better health access and productivity. The organization core beliefs is to be active in eradicating social problems to achieve a healthy, safe and productive population.


To equip local communities with knowledge on women and children rights and legislation in areas of GBV, Child abuse, access to health services and build local capacities towards violence prevention, case management, legal redress, water, sanitation, and health awareness.


The main objectives of SLI-SS include:

  1. To empower the people and encourage social development
  2. To combat violence against women and children in conflict areas.
  3. To support GBV and child protection case management
  4. To promote community livelihood projects as to enhance social economic status.
  5. To protect the Children and Women in IDP camps in Boma State.
  6. To support the Provision of health services especially for malaria treatment.
  7. To improve socio-economic development and human well-being
  8. To take action and increase awareness the Children Act and Women protection legislation.
  9. To agitate, advocate and support the law makers in creating legislation that protects women and children in conflict areas.
  10. To build capacities in state and non-state actors on issues of children rights, women rights, GBV, IPV and Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights
  11. To build capacities of members of the national assembly in enacting laws relating to women and children rights.
  12. To promote rural development and gender equality
  13. To create job opportunities for the youth and women and awareness among IDPs
  14. To improve sanitation and water supply in IDP settlements.
  15. To support Legislative research and development Children protection laws and women rights laws.
  16. To encourage the community for sustainable development and mobilize awareness on HIV/Aids.
  17. To promote youth empowerment through ensuring popular participation in our programs with representation drawn from all age groups and special bias to marginalized groups like the youth, women, disabled and others.